Investors Resource

The Lion Real Estate Group boasts a impressive set of tools to help real estate investors in the Houston area succeed with their real estate investments.  Moreoever, real estate agents who want to join our team and Team Carrington can build their presence in front of investors by working with a variety of the tools that we have at our disposal.

  • Affiliated property management team to help manage your real estate rental portfolio
  • Extensive experience providing rental and sales analysis to assist investors evaluate their properties
  • Remodeling and Maintenance crews to help prepare your properties for flip or make ready for rent
  • Access to REO inventory to see future and potential buying opportunities
  • Affiliated title firm (Carrington Title) to help us close deal in smooth manner with extensive experience working with investors.
  • Affiliated Lending platforms (Carrington Mortgage Services) to help qualify buyers of various credit and income levels

Whether your a agent who wants to work with real estate investors and needs a few tools to improve your value proposition to real estate investors, a institutional investor, or your a  new real estate investor seeking to find a firm to help you navigate this extremely popular market here in Houston, Texas. The Lion Real Estate Group team at Carrington Real Estate Services is the place to look for support for all your real estate brokerage needs.